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Q: Dear Coach,
   I heard on last nights broadcast that the canes had tied the record for most consecutive wins in a row at 23.  But, they were wrong!  The previous record was 22 set in the 98-99 campaign.  The Canes were 22-0 when they went to New Jersey and played Rice of Manhattan and lost on Sunday.  The very next day they played Blackhawk where David Young broke the single game record scoring 45 points.  Which, by the way, made their record 23-1.  The broadcast last night said that they were 23-0 when they went to NJ but they were not.  So, this years team IS in a class by themselves now.  They own the record which is now 23 and counting.  I just wanted to point that out cause it seems that it was being overlooked by just about everyone.  I want to wish the team the best of luck and God willing; bring home that big GOLD basketball!


A: Tom,

You are right we won 22 in a row and lost out 23rd game. You are exactly right this team is in a class by themselves. This is a very special team and they have joined some elite company by winning the section. 8 out of 10 years is a remarkable record. It is even more remarkable to go 24-0. But now we are 0-0 and getting ready to make the stretch run towards that gold basketball and we would like nothing more that to put another one in the trophy case. It is going to take a great effort for the players, coaches, and community. But somehow I doubt giving the effort will be a problem, it’s our trademark. Thanks for the question and see you in the playoffs.

Q: What do we have to do to get good press from Pitts Press & especially the New Castle News. good luck in playoffs. This isn't really a question, but thought you might get a kick out of it anyway.

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I am not sure what we will have to do to get some good press. We have had a little recognition with Dom Being athlete of the week in the PG. That can also give the team motivation in the fact that they still get no respect. It almost seems like people expect us to be great every year so they think of it as a normality. With the success of this program I think we are respected by everyone who has an inkling about basketball. But now that the playoffs are here it is time to go get that respect, and I believe we will.

Nice joke I really got a kick out of it. Thanks for the question and see you in the playoffs.

Q - Coach, I read in the Post-Gazette that the scrimmage against Uniontown was a war. Knowing that they are the team to beat.

  1. Did we come out on top?
  2. How did we exploit their weaknesses if they had any?  


A - Tom,

The game with Uniontown was a war. You could almost sense that the players knew that they were they two best teams in Western PA. Both side played hard. One thing you have to remember is that game was after only 1 week of practice and I know we have gotten better since then and I am sure they did as well. I believe that after four quarters we were down by 6. Every team has weaknesses. They are quick and athletic so we have to execute and play under control. If we are patient I do not believe there are too many teams that can stop us. One of our biggest opponents could turn out to be ourselves. Good shooting and playing hard paid off for us and will in the long run. Thanks for the question

Q - I think the canes has a great chance of goin undefeated..Wouldn't it be nice to get a few losses under thier belt to make that great playoff run?
Question by:

A - Well kj as a coach I would like to go undefeated, but I see the point you are trying to make. I think if we go into the playoffs undefeated then we would not know what it is like to lose. That means one loss could be very devastating. Now as a coach you would never hear me say it would be good if we would lose, but if we would lose we would know what it feels like and hopefully the players don't like that feeling and try to avoid it at all costs. Thanks for the question!


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