Harlan Genealogy

The Harlans have a long recorded history that began centuries ago. Our ancesters, as Quakers in 17th century were among those persecuted in England. They moved to Ireland and then followed William Penn to America in order to experience freedom of religion.

Tens of thousands of Harlans now live in America and most trace their roots to those first Harlans that arrived here in 1687. The following is our lineage beginning with those first "American" Harlans right up to today.

 The information provided here is from the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family a book written by Alpheus Harlan. The original printing of the book was 1914.

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My lineage is presented here or go right to the present day in outline form.

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George Harlan: Son of James Harland of Monkwearmouth, England. He was born "Nigh Durham in Bishoprick, England. He remained there until he reached manhood, when with his brother crossed into Ireland and located in the County of Down. While residing there he married by ceremony of Friends, Elizabeth Duck on 9/17/1678. In the early months of the year 1687, with his wife and four children, and his brother Michael, then unmarried, he boarded a ship at Belfast for America. The had bought lands before coming which were within that part of the Province of Pennsylvania now in the County of New Castle, Delaware. They landed in New Castle and settled near the town of Centreville. George remained there for some years and about 1698/99, having purchased land further up the Brandywine River, he moved his family and settled in what is now Pennsbury Twp. It was then Kennett Twp. but later the township was subdivided. George and Elizabeth were the parents of nine children.

Ezekiel, Hannah, Moses, Aaron, Rebecca, Deborah, James, Elizabeth, Joshua


Ezekiel: Yeoman, Friend. Born 6/19/1679 in the Parish of Donnahling, County of Down, Province of Ulster, Ireland. He was the eldest of his fathers family, and was eight years old when he came to America. In 1700 at the age of 21 he married Mary Bezer at Chichester Monthly Meeting of Friends, now in Delaware Co., Pa. Ezekiel and Mary settled on land in what is now New Castle Co. Del., were Mary soon died leaving an infant son, William. Ezekiel was a farmer and large land owner. He was appointed constable for Kennett Twp. 1706. He went to England in 1731 in connection with his father's estate and while there died of small pox on 4/15/1731. Buried in the Quaker graveyard near Bunn Hill, England.


William: Farmer, Friend. Born 9/1/1702 in Kennett Twp. Chester Co., Pa.; Died in West Marlborough Twp., Chester Co., Pa. on 10/22/1783. Buried at the Friends' Burying Grounds at London Grove meeting House. He married by ceremony of Friends Margaret Farlow on 12/14/1721. After living in Kennett Twp. they settled in Marlborough Twp. which later became West Marlborough Twp. William and Margaret had nine children.

Mary, William, Jonathan, James, Alice, Sarah, Stephen, George, Enoch


Jonathan: Friend. Born 7/15/1726 in (now) West Marlborough Twp., Chester Co., Pa.; Died there prior to 1774 and buried in the Friends' Burying Grounds at London Grove Meeting House. Jonathan married Deborah Marsh a Friend at 10/19/1745. Jonathan and Deborah had six children.

William, Susanna, Rachel, Deborah, Sarah, Jonathan


Jonathan: Miller, Farmer. Born 1755 in West Marlborough Twp., Chester Co., Pa.; Died in Scott Twp., Lawrence Co., Pa. Buried in Harlansburg, Lawremce Co. at the Baptist Church Burying Grounds. He was married to Abigail (Harlan) McCall at the Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church in Wilimington, Del. Abigail died 10/13/1790 in Kennett Twp. and was buried there. Jonathan then married Elizabeth Fawcett about 1790. He left Chester Co., Pa. and moved to Washinginton Co., Pa. (what now is Allegheny Co.) where he lived until 1797. Jonathan then moed o what is now Scott Twp. Lawrence Co., Pa. and settled on 400 acres of land under Dr. Peter Lowery, which included the present site of Harlansburg. Jonathan built the first ghrist mill and distillery with in Lawrence County. Jonathan had eleven children..

Abigail, Caleb, Jesse, Lydia, Mary, Jonathan, Sarah, Betsey, Rachel, Amos, Jacob


Jonathan: Farmer, Baptist. Born in Washington Co., Pa. in 1796; Died in Lawrence Co., Pa. in 1850 and was buried in Harlansburg, Pa. Jonathan married Jane Hogue in Lawrence Co. about 1818. Jonathan and Jane had eight children.

Jonathan, William, Benjamin, Leah, Lydia, Jane, David, Ebenezer


David: Farmer, Baptist. Born 10/22/1830 in Lawrence Co., Pa. He died there 9/2/1886 and was buried in Harlansburg. David married Lavina Pounds 4/22/1852 in Lawrence Co. David and Lavina had ten children.

Oscar, Sarah Jane, Mary Jane, William A., Joseph H., Lydia Ellen, U. S. Grant, Samuel W., James, David


Oscar: Born 4/4/1853; Died 1936 ...............Follow "Oscar" link for the rest of his branch of the Harlan tree.